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Want to check out what this ‘strategy thing’ is really all about and how to apply it?

Give me two FULL days and I will:

  • Design your business strategy to get you to at least £100k turnover in 12-18 months
  • Ensure your business growth strategy is in line with your purpose and will give you the lifestyle you want
  • Unpick your income streams and rebuild them to maximize your monthly cash flow and get you the income you want
  • Establish your brand and positioning in the marketplace – giving you a clear marketing strategy so you can attract a steady stream of clients

Plus…you’ll walk away with a proven strategy tool, fully complete, that you can use daily to guide your actions. This same strategy tool has been used to build multi-million businesses

Super Strategy Training two day workshop 10-11 September 2016, London

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn at the Strategy on a Page workshop:

  • The simple process I used to grow my business time and time again (this system has been responsible for literally 100’s of business’s growth)
  • How one of my clients tripled their number of clients within 3 months. You’ll be able to copy these steps to define your offering and attract the clients YOU want to work with!
  • My *proven* formula for calculating your price points to ensure YOU end up in the profit and your clients get massive value
  • MAP your ideal customer journey to plan out exactly what you need in place at each stage to ensure a smooth transition and less headache at every stage of your business
  • How to create a back-end offer jam-packed with value so people will be desperate to buy (even if you don’t like doing a ‘hard sell’)
  • Why using surveys for market research is the MOST VALUABLE TOOL in business – and most people don’t use it!
  • The 10 easiest ways to reduce your costs… and maximise your profits!
  • How to structure your coaching business to deliver MAXIMUM VALUE to your clients
  • Exactly how to ensure you are building the business to give you the lifestyle you want to live
  • The “sneaky trick” I’ve used to build up a super star team – using this for your recruitment strategy will ensure save you thousands!
  • Define your USP and company promise
  • The secret to making yourself stand out in the market place

*Limited spaces available*

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9:00am10th September 2016 - 11th September 2016

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Speakers of the Event

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Elliot Kay
Elliot Kay currently runs 2 businesses. Is an international Strategist,Speaker, Author and Trainer. The businesses Elliot runs involved in is the Strategy business Strategic Brilliance Services LTD where they offer seminars on strategy as well as Mentoring and is a Commercial Director for Pony Express Speakers Club. Elliot has worked across the globe in the UK, Africa, USA and Europe. Elliot has a combined 17 years experience in both training and coaching, having designed and delivered training for Sky Television, Talk Talk, the NHS and many more. After almost losing everything, Elliot has turned around his coaching business to form one of the leading trainings and coaching companies for both self development and strategy in the UK - using his own experience to ensure others don’t make the same mistakes as him. As part of giving back, Elliot has been a mentor for the Princess Trust for the last 3 years. Elliot has unlimited passion for results. His passion is to help the up and coming business owners to build 100k+ business through strategy. Elliot is a certified coach, cognitive behavioral hypnotherapist and accredited strategist. Elliot’s expertise is working with coaches, mentors, speakers, consultants and trainers to build their business strategically for long term impact, results and growth.
Elliot Kay

An international Strategist,Speaker, Author and Trainer



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