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This NLP Master Practitioner seminar develops your mastery of the creative and innovative applications of NLP by giving you an in-depth understanding of NLP’s principles and methodology. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN

  • The very latest applications and developments in NLP
  • The spirit and attitude of NLP which drive the techniques
  • Unconscious behavioural competence in the ‘basics’
  • Advanced unconscious installation
  • Extremely highly skilled communication
  • Specific patterns and filters that allow you to create your own NLP techniques

CERTIFICATION The NLP Master Practitioner Certificate is awarded for the creative and innovative application of the principles and methodology of NLP. This is an internationally recognised certificate for the advanced use of NLP with yourself and others. Please note that you have to have completed an NLP Practitioner Certification and provide a copy of your certificate in order to take part in the Master Practitioner Training.

Full attendance is required for Licensing during this seminar

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9:30am1st May 2021 - 1st May 2021

begins in:
149 days
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Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™

Dear Bernardo, 
It was such a pleasure meeting you and Richard at the Masterclass event. I enjoyed every moment, and yes, it was very very insightful. Each single answer of Richard to the participant’s questions was of great interest and very precious to me.
I asked Richard how I could resist stress more here in Berlin and get nerves of steel, and I have to admit, since my return to Germany after the class I am quite more „chilled“ as my daughter says and cool and still I handled so many things efficiently at the same time. It’s just great. It’s working and I am full of energy. Thank you!!
I am looking forward to the transcription of the class to reread it and also to staying in contact with you and the group. Thank you for the brilliant organization, the beautiful location, the delicious food, the mixture of very interesting people and mostly for Richards truly great presence. It felt so amazing to be talking directly to a genius of his kind. He is such a great guy. 
And he helped me a lot ! Thank you for everything and be sure I will recommend this format to everybody I know.
Enclosed please find my picture taken in the end with Richard. 
Big hugs from Berlin and keep up the great work!


Richard Bandler is a very generous man

It would be great if everybody in the world sticked to this amazng approach to life. Richard Bandler I feel honoured to have heard him speak, he is a very generous man. John La  Valle, this guy is awesome. I love the way he coaches what a blast.


Totally re-ignted my passion.

Having worked in sales and human resources for 15 years this course has totally re-ignited my passion for working with people and helping them get the very best out of themselves.

The trainers are highly passionate individuals with great motivational skills and ability to push you harder that before.


It will change your life.

Even if this is a training seminar, it will change your life. It has for me. The trainers are very good and experienced.


A fantastic learning experience

A fantastic learining experience with this course I feel I have many tools for personal change, Id like this to keep going on now.... ready for the Master Practitioner.

The trainers and assistants are inspiring and very supportive, thank you all.


Speakers of the Event

Our NLP Experts

Richard Bandler
Richard Bandler Dr. Richard Bandler, is the Co-Founder of the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A distinguished visitor to Menninger's Foundation, a Keynote Speaker for many Associations and Foundations. He has participated at many grand rounds at teaching hospitals. He was an Associate Professor at UCSC and a Graduate Advisor at Colleges.
Richard Bandler

Co-Creator of NLP

John La Valle
People have asked me what the turning point was for me in my own training. Well the first thing was the moment I realized that it’s not just enough to want, but then to do. Stepping across that line and just going for it! The second was realizing how powerful language is and how easily we can change behaviour using just language.
John La Valle

President of the society of NLP™

Kathleen La Valle
She has been conducting trainings and development seminars for over 20 years. She specializes in Customer Service, Intuitive Processing, Sales & Influence, and Education. Her humorous style and passion for training comes through every time she takes the stage.
Kathleen La Valle

Licensed Master Trainer of NLP & DHE


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Hilton Brighton Metropole

Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 2FU, United Kingdom

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