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Paul Boross Public Speaking Skills

With Paul Boross – The Pitch Doctor

Practical and entertaining, we’ll explore the psychology of presenting, communicating, pitching and selling in this insightful and impactful two day workshop which will take your skills to a level you never imagined possible and move you closer to your dream of turning pro.

Essentials for a Perfect Pitch

Explore with me the ingredients you need to pitch and present to your maximum potential.
Outcome: Discover the elements that can make you genuinely, naturally persuasive and influential.

First Impressions

Discover just how quickly people make their minds up about whether you are the kind of person they want to do business with.
Outcome: Clearly understand that ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’.

Hearing, Not Just Listening

You’ve heard how ‘you cannot not communicate’ and so every interaction has an underlying message and leaves an impression. How do we manage the message and make sure it is the one we intend to deliver?
Outcome: Learn how we communicate on different levels and master those many communication channels.


Is perception reality? We each have our own point of view, how can we build better relationships by being aware of the distortions we create, and allowing space for other points of view?
Outcome: Be aware of the perceptions that we create in ourselves and others.

Instant Rapport

A connection of trust and shared understanding, with interactive tips and techniques you’ll discover what true rapport is and how to achieve instant rapport with the people you meet and work with.
Outcome: Master rapport and adapt your behaviour to develop deeper, more significant relationships.

State Management

Experiment with both your physiology and psychology and discover how they are forever connected in order to effectively manage your state in the most demanding of situations.
Outcome: Use your physiology to easily manage your state to achieve the best results.


What is it? How does it affect business interactions? How can it be turned to your advantage?
Outcome: Utilise both congruence and incongruence to boost your communication.


What could you do with more confidence? Where would that take you? Discover what confidence really is and how to maintain it under pressure.
Outcome: Learn to achieve the fine balance of confidence that comes from self awareness.

Benefits for Aspiring Pros

Learn from a veteran of the entertainment industry
Master how to present, pitch and network powerfully
Improve your client relationships
Develop a greater degree of ethical influence
Increase your personal impact and effectiveness
Understand how to put a presentation together for maximum impact
Learn how to create and shape content to get your message across

Paul Boross

  • Paul’s 25 years of experience in helping high profile business and media professionals to create and deliver winning business pitches has earned him the title ‘The Pitch Doctor’
  • Paul is a motivational psychologist and NLP specialist who has also presented and appeared on TV series such as Speed Up Slow Down(BBC), School of Hard Knocks(SKY), Wannabe(ITV) and The Politics Show(BBC)
  • Paul regularly delivers keynote, lectures and trainings all over the world for companies such as Google, BBC, Financial Times, ITN, Shine/Endemol, Barclays, Sky and many Fortune 500 companies
  • Paul has three bestselling books, The Pitching Bible, reached the number one spot on Amazon and continues to receive outstanding reviews

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9:00am18th March 2017

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Paul Boross
Essential Pitching & Presentation Skills

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Our NLP Expert

Paul Boross
Paul Boross is the ‘Pitch Doctor; psychologist, author, performer and master in the art of verbal communication.
Paul Boross

The Pitch Doctor


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