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For years Bernardo Moya has been driven by one powerful idea:

“How can I provide the best ideas in Personal Development and Self Help to as many people as possible, to help people transform their lives?”

Hello, my name is Bernardo Moya. I’m an entrepreneur, writer, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter. As CEO of NLP Life Training, I promote seminars by some of the best-known names in Personal Development, including lifestyle expert and bestselling author Paul McKenna and the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dr Richard Bandler. I am vastly experienced in organising, publicising and running large seminars. As Chief Inspirational Officer of The Best You, I run The Best You magazine and The Best You TV. I also organise The Best You Expo, the UK’s largest Personal Development and Self Help trade fair. All these roles have one thing in common: I help people discover what they didn’t even know is missing from their lives, so they can rise to the next level. That’s why I am offering you the opportunity to benefit from my knowledge and expertise, through my mentoring programme.

How what I do can help you

In more than 25 years of business experience, I’ve built up unique knowledge about how business works, brand building, keeping on course, working with the very best in the world and realising great projects. Two of my companies are recognised as the best at what they do. NLP Life Training is the world number 1 NLP training company. The Best You runs the world’s largest Personal Development trade fair. That’s my thing. I build reputable brands with great products by making connections with others. I want to help you build your brand, too.

Who I help now

I already have a wide number of different clients. From small independents seeking to grow their business, to CEOs of large businesses, I boost their strengths and identify what is missing to help them expand, grow and boost their business. At the moment, I am helping one client extend and master their social media presence, so they can get their already excellent products to a wider market. Another client is overcoming motivation and confidence issues with my help. And yet another client is interested in how NLP can help him become more effective by bringing all his creativity and focus to his projects. Whatever my clients need, I bring them the help they are looking for.

Time to share and build

I’ve seen time and time again how keen people are to grow their businesses and make their lives better. If that sounds like you, there are two ways you can do it:

    1. You can repeat all the mistakes yourself that others have made in getting to the top…
  1. 2) You can get others who climbed the mountain to show you the way.

In fact, you can get a reliable, straight-talking mentor. That’s my job.

What does a mentor do?

I’m the one who will keep you to your course. I’ll show you the best routes up, the most useful short cuts and point out the ravines and blind turns along the way, until you get to the summit. Let’s face, it can be tough making that journey on your own. Some mornings you won’t want to do it. Maybe took a knock, maybe you lost your way, maybe you don’t know which choice to make. Knowing that I’m there – as a mentor and guide – that’s part of what I give to you.

What else I can give you

These are the things I think are vital for you to have:

  • clarity about your direction
  • knowledge of your strengths
  • help where you need it most
  • belief in yourself
  • persistence to push hard
  • a bullshit-free relationship
  • the ability to enter the mindset that wins
  • knowledge of marketing
  • brand creation and promotion
  • great connections
  • the chance to build joing ventures and work in a wider group
  • black swan event management
  • self reinvention if it’s needed
  • persistence
  • persistence
  • persistence

With the right mindset, I believe anyone can achieve anything. If you’ve set yourself a realistic aim and you know the steps on the way to get there, you can do it. That’s what my mentoring offers you. The guidance to do it and make it happen.

What I expect from you

I am a great believer in the work ethic, and I’ll expect you to push and work for your success, too. I will tailor solutions for you, and bring my experience of business to your venture, allowing you to express your identity to find success. I want you to succeed. I expect you to learn and flourish. I love to see transformation, change and growth in my clients. That’s why I will make sure that you are accountable for your progress and you are dedicated to your future.

What you’ll get

Apart from the drive to push forwards and make your life better, you mean? You’ll get regular one-to-ones by skype or in person, there’ll be brainstorming meetings and get-togethers every other month for wider group. You’ll have access to my counsel when you really need it. I’m all about keeping you on track, helping you make the right decisions that will benefit you most, and helping you see them through to their fruition. I’m also about connections. In my 25 years of working in business I’ve met some of the most brilliant people in the world. There are times when I might see a natural fit between something you are doing and one of my other connections. That always gets exciting, making the magic happen. Along the way, you’ll also make connections with others on the scheme. Many brilliantly talented people sign up for mentorship. Getting individuals to work in a team for their mutual benefit, is also something I can offer, that you won’t get anywhere else.

The Retreat

For my students I will also make available a retreat in which you will receive guidance from specialists and. It’ll be something fresh and something that will help you, whatever it is. Once or twice a year, for an additional investment, we’ll retreat to a place where we can focus fully on your needs with a group of like-minded people. On retreat, there will be guest speaker/s guest giving expert advice on their specific skill range, one-to-one and team brainstorming sessios and networking opportunities. These are the things that will make my mentorship scheme so special.

The nuts and bolts

To sum up. When I mentor you, we will have regular sessions on a one-to-one basis. We’ll need to decided what’s right for you and how the programme will go. But what I will say is that I will commit to getting you further along the road to your heart’s desire, to meeting your ambition, achieving your goal, enhancing your path – or however we decide to frame it. There will be times when you stray from the course and there may well be unexpected events we will need to deal with together – that’s part of the journey. Also for that year, I will arrange group meetings between you and others of my clients. I can’t stress how valuable this form of networking can be. Knowing you’re getting some great advice and connections and meeting others with a dedication to self-improvement and who have unique skills and insights can be an incalculable boost to what you do. You’ll have access to me away from these times, too, so if you get stuck, I’ll help out. There’ll be further opportunities to invest in yourself with a tailor-made retreat. It’s the start of a year in which I want to see transformation happen to you. Join me. It’s going to be a great journey.

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10:00am1st September 2016 - 30th September 2017

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Bernardo Moya
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